Rafting the Mighty Zambezi River

The one adventure activity you have to do before leaving Vic Falls, is rafting on the mighty Zambezi river. It is one of the best places to go white water rafting in the world!

Most people on the truck were amped to go rafting on the Zambezi, and we booked one full boat to ride this mighty white water river. With little time to prepare, in the booking office we found out we had about 1 hour before leaving, and almost no experience in rafting we were the ultimate rookies.After a short drive downstream towards the rapids of the Lower Zambezi river, we hiked into the gorge to our departure point.

A short lesson rafting followed and of we went on to the first rapid. With success we conquered the first couple of obstacles, we were getting eager for the big stuff!With muscles starting to ache we were lining up for the biggest rapids on our ride, a succession of 4 rapids with the first being of the highest rating, the Washing Machine, and the ones following named Terminator 1/2/3. We were confident. And we tipped over.

Just before we tipped, the guide apparently shouted ‘hard left’. No one heard him and so we went into the last wave sideways. In one blimp of a second we tipped and everyone in the water. I managed to swim to a canoe, and climb on another rafting boat after a couple of rapids.No one expected the flipping of the boat, and we all had a jol! It was a great experience rafting on this mighty Zambezi river, to me it definitely is one of the best adventure activities to do in Vic Falls while on an overlanding trip!

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