Garden Route Tour Itinerary

Something that is very popular among tourists visiting South Africa is doing the Garden Route, so here is a small itinerary which you can follow.

The Garden Route takes you to the most amazing places in the Western Cape and will show you a lot of different sides of South-Africa. The best way to do this is to rent a car and go your own way. Because you make the decisions about how long you will stay at one particular place makes the trip very relaxing.
I will give you an example of how you can do the Garden Route in 7 days.

When you leave on a Monday morning your first stop will be at Ronnies Sex Shop. This is on your way to Montagu and is not a sex shop! Once it was called: Ronnies Se Shop (Ronnies’ Shop in Afrikaans) but someone painted an X behind these and after that; it became a must-have-seen on the Garden Route. You can have a drink there and after that; heading towards Oudtshoorn. This is a 4 to 5 hour drive from Cape Town through a lot of small villages.

When arriving in Oudtshoorn you can do a lot of different things. One thing that Oudtshoorn is famous for are its ostriches. That is why you will find a lot of ostrich farms which you can explore. You can sit on them and even ride them.After that you can have a drink at Buffelsdrift.

This is a 5 minute drive out of Oudtshoorn and what makes it so special is that you sit at
a big lake with hippos in it and when you are lucky you can see the elephants taking a dip and the other animals having a drink. It is very cheap and very nice.

This can be done in one day if you leave Cape Town early in the morning.

The next day you can visit the Cango Caves which is a cave with extraordinary sights inside. The beauty can’t be put into words. After that you can visit the Cango Wildlife Ranch. It is kind of a zoo but then you can get the opportunity to interact with the cheetahs, lion cubs and even the crocodiles.

In the evening you could eat in a restaurant called Kalinka which serves very nice food for everyone.

On Wednesday you can start your trip to Knysna. You will drive through George where you can take the Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe. This is an old steam powered train which will take you to Mossel Bay and back and you will see fantastic scenery.

When arriving in Knysna you can do some things: visiting the Elephant Sanctuary where you can walk with, and feed the elephants. Next to the elephant sanctuary is Monkey Valley. The name kind of tells you what you can see: monkeys. You can play with them and also feed them. Because these two things take quite a while it is best if you stay in Knysna for two days. So you will be spending the Thursday in Knysna as well.

An other thing you can drive to when in Knysna is the Tsitsikamma National Park. This park has the highest bungee jump in the world. The Bloukrans bridge is 216 meters high and very popular with the adrenaline seekers. Other than that: you can walk through amazing forests and enjoy the view.

Friday you can start your drive back to Cape Town but along the way you can stop and spend the night in the Garden Route Game Lodge. When you book at this Game Lodge you get: Accommodation for one night, an evening drive (to see the big 5!), traditional African diner, morning drive (see the animals you haven’t seen the night before) and an excellent breakfast buffet. They also have a reptile park and a cheetah walk. The cheetah walk offers you the opportunity to go in the cage with the cheetahs. The reptile walk is something where you can see a lot of snake species, turtles and crocodiles.

After amazing experiences in the Garden Route Game Lodge you can go to Gans Bay which is famous for its great white sharks. You can book a trip which takes half a day where you can go Shark Cage Diving.

When you have said goodbye to the sharks the journey goes to Hermanus which is also a city on the coast which is famous for its Southern Right whales. These amazing creatures can be seen from July to November because that is their mating season. It is possible to see them throughout the year but in that certain time you won’t get disappointed, so stay a night.

This makes it Sunday and time to head back to Cape Town and back to the ‘normal’ life.

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